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BSL (Sign Language) Interpreters

BSL Sign LanguageSuspended Service

Due to complications in the BSL sector we have temporarily suspended our BSL interpreters service. As an alternative please contact the Royal Association for Deaf people on 0845 688 2525 or visit their website.

BSL Information

Kwintessential provide professional, high quality British Sign Language interpreter services. We have a highly responsive team which ensures that your queries / requirements are dealt with immediately.

We take great pride in the fact that all our British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters are fully qualified and well experienced. We provide BSL interpreters for all manner of events, which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • courts of law
  • medical appointments
  • job interviews
  • training scenarios
  • media events
  • conferences

To assist you in engaging the Kwintessential British Sign Language Interpreting services, a member of the team will be available to manage your queries. Please contact us.

We have also included a variety of information below which should help you with the majority of your queries. Do not hesitate to inform us however, if you believe that anything is missing from this site which would otherwise have benefited you.

British Sign Language

For Clients: The links below provide access to material that been collated to present clients with easily accessible information related to our British Sign Language services. Included in this section, are:

For British Sign Language interpreters: This information is aimed at our British Sign Language interpreters. It is intended to provide a central point for all relevant documentation. Please ensure that you advise accordingly if there is any absent information relating to this British Sign Language interpreting section which would otherwise help to further enhance this repository.

Articles about British Sign Language interpreting: The information below is related to British Sign Language interpreting. If you have any information which you feel others may find useful and, which you would like to share on this site, then do not hesitate to contact us.