Twitter identifies language trends

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Twitter_Languages.pngTwitter is helping researchers understand shifts in language use nationally and internationally. Two new stories look at slang in America and linguistic diversity in London.

According to popular belief, American slang words are often coined in urban areas which have high numbers of African-American citizens. Researchers have now found actual evidence for this by examining popular terms and language used on Twitter. For this research, the smartphone metadata that accompanies messages sent via the social network have been analyzed. Researchers also aim to investigate why certain words become widespread while others remain local slang. However, the research is criticized as well, as the African-American community has adopted Twitter on a wider scale than other ethnicities and the research thus might not be reliable. Read more…

Twitter Language Diversity London
Remember the Twitter map of the world? As it turns out, a Twitter map of London exists as well (see above). Even though most tweets are in English, a significant amount of other languages is used in our capital city too. Certain languages can even be connected to certain areas and the map features are quite a few surprising characteristics. Find out which ones? Read more…

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