Translation and Interpreting FAQs

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Translation_FAQ_videos.jpgAs with any business, we receive a lot of questions from clients and prospects. Below are a list of FAQs we’ve just released on our You Tube channel on translation and interpreting.

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Translation FAQs

Translation Quality Control – Why we use a Translation Brief

What is Translation Memory Software? How does a Translation Company use it?

Why do Transcription Services take so long?

Why can’t my Graphic Designer deal with Foreign Language Translation?

What is Localization? What’s the difference with Translation?

How do I get a Website Translation price?

Do your Translation Agency specialise in Technical Document Translation?

Does a translator need to be a subject specialist?

Does your Translation Agency specialise in Legal Translations?

How many Languages can Kwintessential provide Translation Services in?

How do I get my document translated faster?

What’s the difference between a human translation and a computer translation?

Why does my Translation need Proofreading?

What is a Technical Translation?

What is Transcreation?

What is the difference between a Certified translation and a Notarised translation?

Do you provide German to English translation services?

Does your agency do French to English translation services?

Does your agency do Spanish to English translation services?

Here’s a sample of the videos above and below. The question being answered relates to transcreation….

Interpreting FAQs

How to get Equipment for Conference or Simultaneous Interpreting

What’s the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

How does Telephone Interpreting work?

The difference between Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Does your company have UK Interpreters?

What is chuchotage interpreting?

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