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Many of spend our days wondering what our names would have been inf we were Finnish. Well, maybe not that many but I bet you’re intrigued now! An guess what? There is an opportunity for you to find out!

According to the Mail Online, the Viking invasion in the eight century means every single Briton has a tiny bit of Finnish DNA in their genetic makeup. However, for most people in the UK, this Scandinavian ancestry is not visible in their names.

Brits should not despair, though: a Finnish name generator has appeared on the internet that can translate your name to Finnish with a single click of the mouse!

The Mail Online states the so-called “Finngenerator” has been created by Visit Finland, the Finnish tourist board. The generator turns common English names into Scandinavian counterparts that refer to the literature and landscapes of the north.

Of course, we at Kwintessential couldn’t wait to try out the Finngenerator ourselves! Here are a couple of our funniest finds:

First, we created Finnish names for a couple people from the Kwintessential staff.

Our Marketing Director and frequent contributor to the blog Neil Payne, for example, would be Sampo Pakkanen – here, Sampo translates to “The magic mill in Kalevala that creates riches,” while Pakkanen means “frost.” Quite poetic, don’t you agree?

Polly Tyekiff, who also writes articles on our blog frequently, would be called Meri Koski in Finnish – which roughly translates as “White water sea.”

Translating names from people you know might be fun, but entering names of famous Brits is even funnier!

What about Mick Jagger, for example? When we entered his name in the Finngenerator, it became clear that if Mick ever decides to move to Finland, he must change his name to Ahti Jokela. Ahti means “The god of the sea,” while Jokela means “Rivery.”

Victoria Beckham would go under the name of Ilmatar Joutsen – “The goddess of the sky in the Finnish epic Kalevala/Swan.”

Those Finns sure have a knack for choosing suitable names!

So what’s your Finnish name? Click here to find out.

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