New Twitter Feature Allows Advertisers to Target Users by Language

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Even though social media seems to be everywhere these days, Twitter’s growth seems to be slowing down. In order to attract new advertisers, the social networking platform has released a new feature with which Twitter users can be targeted according to their language.

Twitter may be a widely used social media network, this doesn’t mean the company has stopped all improvements on their service: according to BBC News, the social media giant has added a new feature.

The BBC reveals that most of Twitter’s revenue comes from advertising – in fact, in the first three months of this year, it made up 90% of  the entire sales of the company!

Next to the ability to target people per language, it was already possible for advertisers to approach Twitter users based on their interests, used keywords, gender and geography. Nipon Malhotra, group product manager for Twitter, stated in a blog post that the new targeting feature means advertisers can approach their audience in their own language meaning that users will now see advertisements that are not only relevant, but in their own language as well.

According to the BBC, the growth rate for social networking platforms has recently slowed down. This is true for Twitter as well: the company’s latest financial report revealed that the number of monthly users in the first quarter of 2014 grew by 5.8%, which is less than expected. In addition, the BBC says, Twitter no longer seems to be able to turn their user base into cold, hard case. Their own reports stated that in the last quarter, Twitter had a net loss of 78 million GBP.

Of course, Twitter is taking measures to turn this development around. One of these measures is the implementation of this new, language-based feature for advertisers, as most of the people who use Twitter live outside the US. Malhotra believes language targeting can be of great help for marketers that operate on a multilingual or the global market.

The new feature will be available for 20 languages and Malhotra adds that there are a number of ways in which a user’s language is determined. Next to the language the users has selected for his profile, for example, the service also takes the language in which the users sends his tweets into account.

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