New “email this page” translation tool

New “email this page” translation tool


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As part of Kwintessential’s growing suite of free translation and intercultural communication tools, we have today released our very latest edition. Those of our web-savvy readers will be aware that some website pages carry a little tool that allows you to email the page to a friend, family or colleague. The idea being that word of mouth spreads the news about that service or article. Our new tool is basically a newer, more international, version that allows you to send the website page but in a foreign language. So if you are reading a news article that you know your French colleague would find of interest, it can now be sent them in French.

The tool is a CAT (computer assisted translation)  so is not 100% accurate, but does nevertheless offer a level of accuracy to allow readers to understand the website page in their language.

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Katia Reed

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