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For many of us, first thing that comes to mind when thinking of translation tools is Google Translate. But did you know that Microsoft has developed a translation system as well? Recently, the software giant has added a new language to the system: Welsh!

In collaboration with the Welsh Assembly, Microsoft has created a translation service for the Welsh language. According to the BBC,  the software company hopes to help people who want to use the language as a means of communication with this service. The system is equipped with tools and features that will recognise languages and will then translate a given text into Welsh.

According to the article, the translation system will work online, on mobile phones and Microsoft programs such as Word. The BCC admits the translations produced by the system are not completely accurate. This is not needed, as its main aim is to help people who want to write in the Welsh language and hopefully encourage people to use the Welsh language. The Welsh assembly stated that the service will help its staff to work in their preferred language. Moreover, it will also lend itself to “exemplary” bilingual services and can aid people who wish to increase their knowledge of the language, the organisation said.

The assembly’s commissioner responsible for the Welsh language, AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas, stated that the launch of the translation service was “a great day for the Welsh language.” Now that there’s a translation system available, he said, bilingual working will become much easier. Assembly officials did point out that they hope the system will save them time and a portion of the translation costs, but that professional translators will still be used for the translation of official documents.

Next to Welsh, the BBC says, Microsoft Translator is also available for smaller languages such as Malay and Catalan, but also for languages with many speakers, such as Chinese and Russian.

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