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Did you know a video game can have over 1 million words? How does a company go about getting that translated? and translated well?

Well, here’s an interesting interview we came across with Trent Oster, the creative director of the video game Baldur’s Gate.

In it he describes how the 1.2 million words used througout the video game needed to be translated in order to reach markets and the way the company went about this.  A great deal of the text ended up being translated by fans of the game!

According to Oster, these translations often outshine professional ones because fans have a better understanding of the game and feel passionate about translating it to their best abilities. This has even resulted in the release of the game in languages that the company didn’t intend to translate the game in!

This is a great lesson in how to get your product, service, website, or anything else translated and into foreign markets – get your community to do it for you. This model has been copied many times over by big brands and even Google translate draws from what is often termed “crowd-sourcing”.To do this, you need to have something people are passionate about and want others to connect to. This is all about your brand, your message and your offering. If you can get it right, then nurture and grow a community around it – then you will have will access to the best translators on earth.

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