Facebook Invests in Voice Translation

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facebook-voice-translation.jpgAlthough the social media platform undoubtedly went global many years ago, Facebook’s global intentions have become clear through the interesting aquisition of a voice translation company. Taking on Google in the translation stakes?

According to ITWire, Facebook has just bought Mobile Technologies, a company that occupies itself with translation software and speech interpretation systems. With this acquisition, the company is hoping to break down language barriers between users and enable them to communicate more easily across languages – an online interpreter of sorts.

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Facebook announced the buy in a blog post written by its Product Management Director Tom Stocky. Stocky believes voice technology is becoming increasingly important. The statement read: “Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution.”

No statements were made about the terms of the acquisition. Mobile Technologies is the developer of Jibbigo, a mobile application that enables speech-to-speech translation and is frequently users by travellers.

 ITWire also posts that the company’s sales have risen over 50% in the last quarter, which boosted Facebook’s share prices that are now nearing IPO level. The founder of the social media site, Mark Zuckerberg, made a statement saying that “We’ve made good progress growing our community, deepening engagement and delivering strong financial results, especially on mobile. The work we’ve done to make mobile the best Facebook experience is showing good results and provides us with a solid foundation for the future.”

By continually improving their website with graph searches and new video options, the largest social media side in the western world is likely to stay on top for quite some time. Translation seems to be one way of securing a foothold in the very clear mutlilingual and international future that awaits the online space.

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