Chinese Language + Machine Translation = LOL

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Looking for a laugh? Well it’s funny Chinese language machine translations time! Check out these funny English signs that were photographed in China.

For a long long time, the few business people and tourists that visited China were faced with Chinese signs only in Chinese characters of which they often did not understand much. As the country opened up their borders to tourism and trade, the need for English signs rose. However, these new signs have revealed that a number of Chinese translators might need a refresher course in translation, or that people should stop using machine translations to save money. Many English signs in the country are… interesting, to say the least.

The Daily Mail Online has created a list of the most baffling English signs that can be encountered in China. We at Kwintessential had a great laugh browsing through these and hereby present you with the gems of these Chinese to English translations.

Even been looking for a “time sex thing” in the supermarket? Go to China! As the Chinese characters for “disposable products” can also mean “one” and “thing” when read separately, This interesting sign can be found in the Chinese Century Mart.

timesex chinese translation sign

Speaking of double meanings, the Chinese character for “dry” also doubles as the character for “[email protected],” which lead to this interesting menu translation. We also wonder what exotic cooking method can make a duck explode…

exploded duck chinese translation

China seems to be a very happy country: they even have smiling grass! To keep it smiling, though, visitors of this park must “detour.”

smilinggrass chinese sign

Some mistakes are merely the result of sloppy writing. Fancy some “fresh crap,” for example? It’s our favourite!

crap chinese machine translated sign

Judging by their cash machine, the Chinese also have an intricate money laundering system. Here in the UK, we’ve never encountered machines that recycle our currencies!

recycle currency china

Looking to get some translations done for your signs? Don’t take the LOL risk – use a decent translation service which uses human beings!

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