Working like a dog

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Back to the world of the work place and I find it fascinating that we often look to the world of animals to colour our own business vocabulary. What makes us interpret things by our fellow beings?  And why are things so often discussed in animal terms? Is it because of a desperate subliminal desire to get out of the office? Here are some of my favourites, currently doing the rounds. The following is office jargon at it’s very best.  Inventive, vivid and precise.

shoot the puppy – to dare to do the unthinkable

lipstick on a pig – an attempt to put a favourite spin on a negative situation

seagull manager – a manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, leaves a mess all over everything, and then leaves

a pig in a python – a surge in a statistic measured over time

boiling frog syndrome – a company which fails to recognise gradual market change (as a slowly-boiled frog may not detect a slow temperature increase)

Sometimes we even take our cue and from the imaginative interpretations across the pond:

prairie dogging – popping one’s head above an office cubicle out of curiosity or to spy on colleagues

moose on the table – an issue which everyone in a business meeting knows is a problem but which no-one wants to address

elephant in the room – the big problem that is obvious to all but which everyone ignores or avoids mentioning because it might be politically or socially embarrassing

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