Twitter Maps Reveal Tourist Languages in World Cities

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tourism_tweets.jpgA new Twitter map has been released visualising which languages are spoken by tourists in various cities across the globe. We were impressed for two reasons: 1) the technology is very clever in producing these maps and 2) think of the marketing potential of knowing where tourists are, what language they are tweeting in and what about.

Gnip, a company that deals with social media data, has done it again. The Drum revealed that the company has recently released a new Twitter map. By using 280 million tweets, the map gives an overview of the languages spoken by tourists in a range of cities worldwide.

The maps are fully scalable and searchable and have been created by Eric Fischer and MapBox.

The company has released three different sets of maps: the first map shows the tourist-resident ratio of Twitter users in certain cities. This was achieved by collecting tweets made in the cities for about a month.  Tweets made by local residents were given a blue colour, while tourist Tweets were marked as blue. This resulted in maps where you can clearly point out tourist attractions: on the map of New York, for example, the area around the World Trade centre and the Yankee Stadium, to name a few, have attained a bright red colour. In Paris, the same is true for the Champs Elysees.

Map Tweeting tourists London
[Example of the map generated from London, UK showing locals vs tourists]

The second map set shows which languages are used in what city. The UK, for example, is predominantly grey (the colour used for the English language), but also features clear pockets of other colours in big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

The last set of maps that has been released shows the type of mobile device that is used in the various cities. iPhones, which are represented by red dots, appear to be the most popular device in every city in the world. Blackberries and Android phones are used often as well. This is especially true for cities’ financial areas.

Go click those links and check out the maps. Great aren’t they?

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