Twitter Map of Foreign Languages in New York

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new_york_languages_map.jpgOur friends at the UCL data team have done it again! After a Twitter map of London, the team had now released a map of the foreign languages inhabitants of New York City send out their tweets to the rest of the world in.

Between January 2010 and February 2013, 8.5 million tweets were captured and analysed. In combination with the data analysis work of trendsmap, this resulted in a detailed map which indicates where in New York city and in what foreign languages tweets have been sent.

Unsurprisingly, the language in which most tweets are sent is English: 8 million messages employed the English language. The difference with the second language, Spanish, is huge, as only 228,000 of the tweets were written in this language.

The other languages that were used, for example Portuguese, Italian and Russian are again far behind.

Map of Languages of New York according to tweets

The map shows that the most multilingual district of New York City is Manhattan. Especially the area around the Theatre District and Times Square features many tweets in different languages.

A lot of Twitter users also sent messages from Jersey City and the Bronx, although these districts employed fewer languages.

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