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Customer Case Study: Kwintessential recently delivered a highly practical and interactive training on Corporate Hospitality and Customer Service for Olive Communications’ staff. Here’s a little look at what we did.

Olive Communications is the UKs fastest growing business communications provider, featured in the Sunday Times Top Track 2013 and expecting to rise up the ranking again in 2014. They cover a wide range of innovative and integrated services including mobility, fixed line, data networks, contact centres and business applications. You can visit their website here.

The company requested training on Corporate Hospitality and Customer Service with the intention of equipping their staff with the skills needed to host client events.

With responsibility for delivery of a large number of corporate events, detailed training in this respect was considered essential for employees new to the world of hosting.

Corporate hosting is no easy task, and being an excellent host requires self-awareness and a high level of interpersonal skills as well as a deeper understanding of client’s needs/expectations.

The session was tailored to reflect challenges faced by Olive Communications hosts and hostesses. It was 90% practical and after an overview of the theory, it was time to put it all into practice.

Our trainer’s approach was to make the role plays and session as realistic and interactive as possible, in order to enable the learning to sink in. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect’, so through exercises and role plays it then becomes much easier to remember what you learned in the session and directly be able to implement it in a real situation.

By the end of the day, the participants had covered a wide range of topics including how to:

* give a good first impression,
* build a relationship with a client,
* demonstrate self-confidence,
* deal with unexpected situations and
* network successfully.

They now felt equipped and excited to try what they have learned in their next corporate event.

“I feel we learnt everything necessary“


“The key learnings were around different learning styles/ communication types/body language and communication/mirroring”


“The trainer had knowledge and relevant experience about the subject matter and the course was enjoyable”

The participants left the training with an understanding of key hosting techniques and the confidence necessary to manage unexpected or difficult situations when hosting an event. With sufficient guidance, those commissioning the training at Olive Communications have the necessary tools to ensure that application of these techniques continues to be an ongoing element of the hosts’ roles.

We thank them for a great training day and look forward to hearing tales of positive hosting!

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