Software translation project launched by the African localisation company

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The localisation company,, have launched a year long project called Decathlon to translate ten computer programs into various international languages.

The company recently received generous funding from the international grantmaking foundation, the Open Society Institute to help volunteers in those countries help make computer programs available in their own languages.

During the project, which is named the Decathlon project, volunteer translators from all over the world will be assisted to translate ten computer applications into their own languages. The Decathlon
project is a continuation of’s efforts to promote the creation of translation communities by volunteer native speakers in all countries.

According to Samuel Murray, the Decathlon project leader, many world languages face an uphill struggle in countries where computer programs are in English despite the fact that few people speak English fluently. People who are passionate about their own languages do not always have the technical expertise to help make more software available in their languages, he says.

The Decathlon project was designed to bridge the gap between volunteer translators and developers of open source software. The project makes use of a web-based translation tool, Pootle, which was created by specifically to help volunteers do translation without requiring any programming expertise.

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