Release of New Translation Travel Device

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Ectaco, Inc. today announced the release of their new 2-way and 9-language communication system iTRAVL NTL-9C — the first hands free/eyes free speech recognition device with an incredibly comprehensive travel guide for 50 major destinations on 5 continents.Here to make the life of anyone who travels for business or pleasure not only more convenient but also more enjoyable, Ectaco has provided something that anyone who has ever tried to speak in a foreign language will instantly recognize as the ultimate solution to international communication.

The all-new iTRAVL NTL-9C now allows travelers to communicate thoroughly in a multitude of languages without the assistance of a human translator. The revolutionary iTRAVL series provides users with the ability to navigate the user-friendly interface without using their hands or taking their eyes off of their subjects. “English speaking people can now input anything they want to say into iTRAVL device and have it repeated back in the language of their choice,” said Ectaco CEO David Lubinitsky.

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