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one_direction_in_japan.jpgThe popular boyband One Direction is not only trying to conquer the world song by song, but language by language as well! Apparently, the band is planning on learning the basics of a number of foreign languages to be able to communicate with their foreign fans.

Everyone who has been to a foreign country of which they didn’t speak the language has encountered the phenomenon of the language barrier. You simply cannot get the locals to understand what you want, which can lead to frustration and confusion.

Now imagine you travel to foreign countries on a daily or weekly basis. In this situation, it might be a wise idea to learn a foreign word or two to make sure you are understood.

And that’s exactly what boyband One Direction wants to do! Reports say that the band is planning on learning the basics of a number of foreign languages to improve communication with their fans.

This decision was made after a trip to Japan where Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn faced a severe language barrier when talking to their fans.

A source told The Sun that the press conference the boys gave in the country ‘got embarrassing because the boys’ culture shock was so obvious.’ Because of this incident, the band has decided to learn twenty or more common words in the language of the country they will visit. ‘They think it will avoid embarrassing moments and build up a bond with fans.’

Maybe the band should take an intercultural training as well? 🙂

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