New Business Skills Training Courses Launched for London and Somerset

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businessperson-training-courses.jpgWe are excited (and proud!) to announce a new range of “open” business training courses which focus on helping you grow in your personal and professional life.

Our business has always been about enabling people and businesses to develop their people and their skills. Whereas we have been delivering soft skills trainings in-house for corporate clients, these public  or “open” training courses are now a way to share our knowledge and experience with individuals and smaller groups.

Our open courses are now being offered from Central London and Crewkerne, Somerset.

The types of open courses we will be running are varied and in the following areas:

– Management & Leadership
– Personal Development
– International Business
– Communication
– Customer Service
– Health and Safety
– HR
– Finance
– Sales

Whether you have recently graduated, enjoyed a long standing career, or looking for a career change, we have something for everyone.

Here are some of our upcoming courses:

Management Training Courses

If you’re a Gen Y and have recently been promoted to a managerial position and seeking a solid introduction, or if you simply wish to build up a foundation of management skills to thrive in today’s complex environment, then sign up to our Introduction to Management course.

Perhaps you are already well established in your managerial position and your role now requires you to focus your attention on the global arena, why don’t you join our Managing Multicultural Teams workshop?

What about emotional intelligence? As a leader and mentor being emotionally self-aware is something we can help you develop too, especially as positive and negative emotions will influence your team.

HR Training Courses

Maybe you’ve decided to change careers and are interested in HR?  HR for Non-HR Managers will give that insight into the main aspects of HR roles, and allow you to identify the key HR issues that businesses are faced with so that you can be better prepared for your new role.

Health & Safety Training

Have you been re-elected as your department’s H&S officer? If so, come and meet other lucky people in a similar position at our First Aid Refresher training.

Finance Training

Are you leading a project and need a refresher on budgeting? If so, join our Finance for non-Financial managers training.

Sales and Communication Courses

Given the more social nature of business, the sales environment has changed. A more consultative sales approach will enable you to become your client’s trusted advisor, sign up to find out how.

Are you a people pleaser in your role? If so, our Introduction to Customer Service is just for you – how can you leverage your strengths and create service that delights not just satisfies? Come find out!  

Personal Development Training

Do you also have internal battles with procrastination and work/life balance? Sign up to our Time Management course and invest in your personal well-being.

Is standing up in front of people to give a presentation your biggest nightmare? Our Presenting and Speaking with Confidence is just for your, so step outside your comfort zone and stop burying your head in the sand!

Want to see all our New Courses?

To see our catalogue of courses you can either:

1) download the 2013/14 Business Training Catalogue,
2) visit or
3) visit The Independent or The Evening Standard.

If you have any questions about our new couses, or training in general, please email me or contact me via Twitter @CarolineKwint

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