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Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands? Some of the questions a business traveller to a new country may be asking prior to landing. Making a good impression is important however is it all about etiquette? Kwintessential have today released a new App based on the research of Professor Hofstede which takes a more behavioural view of working in a foreign country.
International business travel is big. With people zipping north, south, east and west on a daily basis it has never been more important to take into consideration cultural differences.  The business world is full of examples of culture gone wrong. Understanding, appreciating and adapting to another’s culture is crucial in the modern business world. However it isn’t all about shaking hands or kissing.
“The kiss, bow or shake hands approach has its place within international business. However, we really feel people gain a cultural advantage when they concentrate on areas like behaviour, communication and general approach,” explains Neil Payne, Managing Director at Kwintessential. As a result the company decided to create a free App which offers tips and pointers on behaviour based around real academic research.
The App, named ‘Compare Cultures’, uses the work of renowned academic Professor Hofstede. He is a well-known pioneer in his research of cross-cultural groups and organizations. Using his research, the App allows you to choose two countries to compare [culturally speaking]. A neat graph is produced which illustrates where the countries may conflict. Useful tips are offered to help overcome the potential conflicts and ensure any business relationships gets off to a good start.
The App is completely free and available for download at Compare Cultures

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