Monolingual Websites letting down UK Law firms

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London, England, 20th July 2010: The translation and interpreting company Kwintessential has recently conducted a survey of the UK’s top 200 legal firms’ websites. With more and more clients coming from abroad plus a growing foreign language speaking community closer to home, the survey was conducted to glean the extent to which law firms are capitalising on such opportunities. Results show that less than 10% have their website in a language other than English.
The UK’s legal market is worth billions. Despite the pressures of the recession and global economic slow-down, the industry has managed to not only to stay afloat but in many incidences post positive profit forecasts.  In a volatile market and through volatile times, legal firms must look towards alternative routes to market. Current strength is based upon a domestic consumer base as well as international exposure; both of which still hold potential for development and growth.

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