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Bring them on! More new words were translated into the English language in 2015 and have finally become part of our standard language. Youth culture is responsible for much of their interpretation leading to the way language evolves and this revolves around the usual preoccupations such as fashion:

stack sandal a type of sandal with high heels and a platform under the toes

skirtini an all-in-one swimming costume with integral skirt

lumbersexual a man who affects a hearty, outdoorsy style of dress

Then there’s the obsession with technology:

dumbwalking walking slowly, without paying attention to the world around you because you are consulting a smartphone

tech creche a safe where visitors to a place can deposit their mobile phones before exploring that place

nerd power heat generated by computers and used, for example to heat places

Dark Web the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable

The fight to stay young is an ongoing battle:

face training a system of facial exercises designed to tone the facial muscles and improve the skin

fitspo short for ‘fitspiration’; the inspiration to get fit and strong (and to look fit and strong, especially in selfies posted online)

waist training the deliberate narrowing of one’s waist, achieved by wearing a tight corset

face ironing a cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing wrinkles

And the attendant consequences …

swoll having large muscles as a result of working out

power paunch a large stomach on a man worn proudly as a badge of his status

While the grown-ups concern themselves with politics …

Kludgeocracy government that is over-complex and ineffective

Brexit the potential or hypothetical departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union

Kipper a member or supporter of the UK Independence Party

… or commerce …

the flat white economy the network of media, internet and creative businesses that are bolstering the UK economy

shrinkflation when the size of a product is reduced whilst the price is retained

unicorn a start-up technology company with a value $1 billion or more from fundraising

… or property …

micro-condo a very small apartment

last-time buyer a middle-aged person looking to downsize to a more modestly sized property

nail house a house that the owners refused to sell to a developer and that still stands when the area around it is developed

There is the annual proliferation of acronyms which are interpretable both to types:

yuccie a young urban creative; someone who wants to be creative and free-spirited but also wealthy

HEN a happy empty nester: a mother who is enjoying the freedom of having had children leave home

TWAG tennis wives and girlfriends: the wives and girlfriends of prominent male tennis players

… and basic shorthand translation:

FOGO fear of going out; a light-hearted term to talk about not wanting to go out with friends

TBF to be fair

With some of these entries I, for one, am attracted to, rather than avoid ‘JOMO’ the joy of missing out!




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