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EcommerceSW, taking place on July 18th 2013, is a trailblazing event bringing together a collective of well-established digital, online, creative and marketing agencies based in the South West of England. They have teamed up to help local businesses get started with their Ecommerce journeys as well as support those already on their way but may be looking for new ideas and content.

The collective are a group of companies that work closely with each other allowing for seamless delivery of complex projects for UK businesses. The aim of the event is to give delegates a ‘one stop shop’ for all their digital, online, creative and marketing needs providing education, resources and tips on how to develop their Ecommerce activities.

If you are thinking about attending, here’s 10 reasons why your business shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

1. Web Design

The world of web design is constantly evolving. Responsiveness, usability, personalisation and interactivity are many factors which now determine the success or failure of a website. As your online presence starts with a website, today’s businesses need to understand how to build, manage and develop their sites in order to guarantee the overall success of online marketing activities. At Ecommerce SW experts will be on hand to discuss your needs as well as look at areas such as improving conversion rates and mobile friendly websites.

2. SEO

Getting your website found on Google, Yahoo! or Bing involves a good, strong search engine optimisation (SEO) plan. Knowing what and when to do in SEO can be tricky as search engines constantly tweak algorithms and demand more of websites in order to display them highly in their search results. SEO must go hand-in-hand with website development. At Ecommerce SW you will learn about content marketing, link earning and changes in Google updates that may impact you.

3. PPC

Pay-per-Click or online advertising is crucial until your website starts performing in search engines or may simply be your preferred online route to market. To maximise ROI it’s imperative marketers understand the best places to advertise and how to optimise their PPC campaigns in terms of keywords, text, call to actions and the like. Whether is strategizing your advertising campaign or blending it with content marketing, Ecommerce SW will give you the ideas and practical know-how to get you going.

4. PR

A business’s online activities always need offline support. PR offers a crucial means of building brand awareness, attracting interest your services and ultimately driving people to your website. Today forward thinking PR agencies realise and embrace the online element of their work. Ecommerce SW will draw attendees’ attention to value of offline PR and how best to use it as part of any overarching marketing strategy.

5. Social Media

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – social media is everywhere and businesses today need to understand how to use it and what for. As this online space is constantly evolving and forever challenging marketers, it’s fundamental that a business knows where to put its energy when it comes to social media. Ecommerce SW will educate on what’s happening in social media, how to embrace it and how to ensure it ties in with all your other online marketing activities.

6. Copywriting

“Content is king” is the latest mantra when it comes to SEO and online marketing.  As well as strong ideas, carefully researched information and visually appealing formats, content must be well written. Copywriting is a skill that takes years to develop; copywriting for online marketing involves SEO considerations which demand even more skills. Ecommerce SW will address how to use develop and use your online content to drive your business forward.

7. Video

It’s predicted that within 10 years the majority of online content will be consumed via video. Video has now become part of the marketing and digital space as this prediction slowly becomes reality. Video can boost brand, develop an online community and increase your sales. Ecommerce SW will give you the insight into the power and potential of video for your website and online presence on platforms such as You Tube.

8. Print

Reflecting your online presence in print helps complete your marketing circle. Brochures, flyers, exhibition stands and other elements of offline marketing can drive traffic to websites, landing pages or social media profiles. Ecommerce SW will introduce you to the importance of connecting web with print and offer practical next steps in enhancing your printed image.

9. Going Global

The global online space offers low hanging fruit for those in Ecommerce looking for new channels to market. Whether its ecommerce translation for your retail website targetting an international audience, rolling out a social media campaign in Arabic or developing your PPC campaign for Russia, there are numerous means and ways of ‘going global’. Ecommerce SW will uncover simple and effective ways of translating your ecommerce activities into international success.

10. One-Stop Shop

Developing your online marketing strategy and activity ultimately involves working with many suppliers or partners. How perfect would it be if you could work with a collective of agencies that work within that space, who work with one another, can vouch for quality and are all focused on making you a success? Ecommerce SW offers you exactly that.

Interested? To register to attend this event please visit http://www.ecommercesouthwest.co.uk

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