‘Cultural intelligence’ can enhance cross-cultural communication

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A breakfast seminar on ‘cultural intelligence’ showing how organisations can improve cross-cultural communication and harness the diversity of their employees, will be held in London on 29 April 2008.

Called Cultural Intelligence: Making cultural difference an advantage, not a problem, the seminar has been organised by drama-based learning specialist Steps Drama.

Aimed at managers and HR practitioners in multinational organisations, it will combine presentations, advice and live action drama sequences to introduce the concept of ‘cultural intelligence’ and to show how it can be applied to improve cultural perception and to resolve cross-cultural friction points.

Amanda Leacy, a Global HR Director at Accenture, responsible for IT Delivery Centres in 15 worldwide locations, will explain how cultural intelligence is integral to success when running a global network of teams.

To bring the learning points to life, professional actors from Steps will present short scenarios showing cross-cultural team members in a fictional organisation – with different expectations, attitudes and assumptions – trying to use and apply the concepts.

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