Brazilian Football Players Sent Abroad for Cultural Awareness

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As part of an exchange programme, a Brazilian football club has plans to enter into a partnership with Indian counterparts to improve the football skills of its players and make them a little more culturally aware at the same time.

According to an article on Firstpost, the Brazilian football club Fluminense FC is planning on sending their football players to Indian clubs. Journalist Nicole Froio says the club’s aim is to stimulate Indian football by setting up an exchange programme for graduates of their academy.

India isn’t the first country with which Fluminense will exchange players, Froio says: the club already has exchange programmes with the US, China and Europe.


Players over 18 are sent to these regions not only to be exposed to other training styles, but to learn about other cultures as well. According to Froio, these experiences add to the player’s value on the market.

Froio states that the Fluminense academy usually has about ten professional graduates a year. Players that are not selected for the main team can choose to play for an international club. This way, Froio says, players can increase their visibility on the global football market.

In addition, it can also increase their value, which means that sometimes, the international club involved in the exchange chooses to actually buy the player. If this is not the case, the player goes back to Brazil, where his international experience adds to his chance of being sold to a smaller, national team.

Leader of the programme is Fluminense’s General Footbal Director Marcelo Teixeira. According to him, Froio says, choosing India as their next exchange partner makes perfect sense. Even though the Indian market is a rather unexplored field, Teixeira believes that in time, the country will have a proper football market. Fluminense has the ability to recruit more Brazilian players if the number of exchange partners grows, he says. Teixeira also stated that football is a up-and-coming sport in India and that the club is happy to contribute to this development.

According to Froio, the football players that will go to India will be between 18 and 22 years old. Teixeira explains the players will be paid by the Indian clubs, but as they only loan the player for a year, they do not have to pay the Brazilians for the transfer. When the year is over, the club can extend the loan or buy the player. Fluminense benefits from this exchange as well: the programme expands their business to markets overseas and helps to obtain new supporters for the club, Teixeira says. Moreover, Froio states it also adds value to the players that do not get a chance to play in Brazil.

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