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BMC Group, Inc., a leading provider of information management support services for the legal, financial, corporate and medical industries, today announced the introduction of its internationalized multi-language VDR capability. This represents an important user experience enhancement and addition to BMC Groups VDR offering. The first phase of this release will allow clients to now have their virtual data room configured in Japanese and Cyrillic in addition to English. With the rise of cross border transactions and growing number of multi-national clients and users, BMC Group has responded by providing an internationalized VDR platform and has led with the Japanese language interface, launched in December 2007. The internationalized capability allows the users and clients to easily administer and manage their preferred language, add/edit languages or countries, and receive alerts and emails in their preferred language.

These enhancements to our technology have been made in response to increasing demands internationally and specifically in Japan and Russia for a local language platform which can offer file names and indexing in that language and full text search within the data room. Cyrillic became the third official alphabet of the EU following the accession of Bulgaria in January, 2007. So, in addition to Russia, we see many opportunities with the growth of many of the other former Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, said Sean Allen, CEO of BMC Group Inc.

The Japanese language VDR has proved to be a great success with our clients. We expect significant growth in Japan using this internationalized platform and we will also introduce a Chinese language version early in 2008, Allen added.

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