Yahoo! launches Chinese language version

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Yahoo! today announced the availability of a Chinese language version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 for Taiwan.

Yahoo! Go 2.0 is an innovative application, designed specifically for the mobile user, that allows consumers to personalize their mobile Internet experience with content from the entire Internet and a reinvention of mobile search via Yahoo! oneSearch.

The Chinese language version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 for Taiwan features a suite of widgets, including oneSearch, address book, calendar, Flickr photos, weather, news, sports and financial information.

“With the launch of a Chinese language version of the popular Yahoo! Go 2.0 service for Taiwan, millions of consumers now can have the full power of the open Internet in their pockets,” said David Ko, vice president and general manager, Connected Life Asia, Yahoo!. “With products like Yahoo! Go 2.0, we are focused on creating innovative mobile services that provide a positive user experience, fit the mobile device and put the user in control.”

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