Translation and the Millennial Generation

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The web is navigated in English by 537 million users who choose to use the English language as the primary way in which they conduct their business on the internet. 445 million users do the majority of their transactions over the internet in Chinese. However on top of these two main languages that are used, 985 million people use the internet and visit websites that are written in languages other than English and Chinese.
A common misconception is that the internet can be used by everyone all around the globe, but what many people fail to understand is that  you can only use a website of you understand it and can read what is written. Very few of the world’s websites are constructed with a global audience in mind and so therefore they are restricted in whom they appeal to.
It is only natural for users to gravitate towards languages that they can understand so internet shoppers and business users are far more likely to look at websites that are constructed in their native language, In fact only 18% of all purchases that are carried out over the internet are done by those who are not a native speaker of the website’s language.
However the millennial generation recognise the importance of the global reach of the internet and many of these young people are conducting their lives and positioning themselves firmly with the internet at the centre of their day to day living and as such heavily rely on the internet to help them to reach global shops, businesses and contacts.
As the global barriers are being broken down it is important that the companies who are making the websites that are being visited by the millennial generation understand the vital importance of making sure that proper translation services  are used so that as many potential customers are reached as possible. This will of course mean that proper translation will not only make a website and business globally available to all users but as a result this will also boost revenue.

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