Report: Increase Your Global App Downloads through Internationalization and Localization

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app-sales-localization.jpgAre you an app developer, marketing manager or business owner with an app to sell? Selling your app solely to your domestic market limits revenue generation. If you truly want to increase downloads, localization or internationalization can help you find a global audience.

In an article on Business Insider, Tony Danova states that this is one of the simplest ways for app developers to increase the number of app downloads. This process involves translation, but, Danova says, much more is involved.

According to Danova, analytics firms have reported that localization and internationalization can increase app downloads by 100%.

Revenues can increase by 25%. A new report from BI Intelligence takes a closer look at localization and other techniques that can boost your sales. Difficulties such as the navigation of app stores, analysing the best raking solutions and the considerations of app owners are discussed.

App store marketing involves processes that go beyond  “uploading an app and crossing your fingers,” Danova says. He explores 5 areas of localization he believes are crucial in encouraging international downloads:

#1 – Localizing your app: for app localization, companies rework their app in order to fit into a local market. This does not only involve translation, but also tweaking app characteristics. These alterations might sometimes seem minimal, but can make a big difference in the reception of your app in a foreign market. This will lead to a better user experience, which will attract buyers.

#2 – Know your consumers:  if you understand what attracts users to apps, how they approach app markets, you can make adjustments to your app to make it more attractive. Compuware found that about 85% of mobile phone users across the globe prefer to use a mobile app as these are more efficient and easier to use.

chart showing international app downloads

#3 – Price it right:  the price of your app can also greatly impact the number of downloads. Distimo, and app analytics firm, analysed the impact of price changes in the top 400 apps for iPhone and iPad. The download volume of iPhone apps that dropped in price in the Apple App Store increased by 1,665% in the next few days. iPad app downloads grew by 871%.

#4 – Global marketing: it might be a wise idea to investigate which app categories get the most attention by consumers and the way different mobile trends can influence your app’s visibility. As consumers use the category pages to browse through apps, it is worthwhile to look at the top app categories for Google Play and iOS. Featuring your apps on a global scale might be a good idea as many markets are a little more difficult to target because of their idiosyncrasies.

#5: App Store Optimization (ASO): this new trend in app-developing aims to improve the visibility of your app. It’s end goals is to increase app traffic, up your app’s ranking and boost its visibility in a manner that is similar to the way SEO experts help website’s in their search engine ranking. Factors such as app name, keywords, icons and screenshots are often optimized with ASO.

Read the entire report here from BI Intelligence (subscription needed).

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