Portuguese third most used language on Facebook

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English is obviously the top language used on Facebook but are marketers aware of the massive increase in other languages such as Portuguese?

You might not expect it, but Portuguese is now the third most used language on Facebook.

In the last six months, 13 million Brazilians have created an account, which has resulted in an big increase in the use of Portuguese on the social network site.  This isn’t surprising, as 80 million Brazilians, which is half of the population, has internet access. Apart from Brazil, Facebook is also on the rise in countries such as India, Indonesia and certain parts of Africa.

Facebook Foreign Languages

Other languages on the list are French, Indonesian, Turkish, German, Italian, Arabic and Chinese, which occupies the 10th position with 20.1 million users.

Portuguese and Arabic are the two languages that have grown faster on Facebook. The social network is currently available in over 70 languages.

Facebook Languages

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