Online world is more multilingual than ever

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Having an English-only website is no longer sufficient. For those under the illusion that their potential customers are all surfing the web in English, it is time to realize that the language of the web is multilingual.

People prefer to search and interact online in their own language: it’s natural and comfortable. And the more relaxed a potential customer is when they’re browsing an online store, the more likely they will make a purchase. That is, of course, if they even find your site in the first place.

International online visibility is becoming a major priority for online businesses. From big names like Universal Music Group, to the smaller niche e-stores realising their massive potential for sales in relatively untapped markets with newly acquired online access, businesses are cashing in on their ability to be seen online.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not a new thing. But international SEO is its newest evolution, and it’s causing a major stir in the online world.

By having experts write new content in their target market’s native language, building key links, and setting up valuable, culturally-appropriate pay-per-click campaigns, businesses are now able to tap into markets they never before dreamed possible.

The trick is understanding that every culture searches differently. Learning how those cultures search is a complex process, but the knowledge is invaluable. For example, knowing that French people tend to misspell the keyword “holiday” as “holliday” can be a key factor for an online travel agency’s pay-per-click campaign.

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