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One of the ways to do this easily and inexpensively (even free!) is to go online and find a translation tool for your Web site, such as AltaVista’s Babel Fish ( This tool will translate to/from up to nine languages. Adding the tool to your site enables users to translate your Web pages into their language of choice with just one click. Simply ask your Web site developer to put the translation tool onto your site – and off you go! It’s a simple thing to do, and it’s just a small logo-like button added to your Web site.

There are other benefits to adding a translation tool to your site. For starters, it is a positive reflection on your business. It makes you look tech savvy and, believe me, there are very few kitchen and bath dealers out there who have added this option to their Web sites. It will put you ahead of the pack! Even if someone doesn’t need the tool, they will see it and subconsciously be aware that you stay on top of the latest technology.

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