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Kwintessential have today released their latest translation tool – a keyword translator. The tool is designed to help website professionals such as webmasters and SEO consultants research keywords in foreign languages.

What are keywords?

Keywords basically refer to internet search terms. For example, if someone was looking for office space to rent they may enter their query in a number of ways into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Some people may enter “office space” some “rent an office”. Using certain laboratories that research these trends experts are able to identify what terms people are using when looking for office space. At present the top 5 searches for this topic are:

1. office space
2. office rental space
3. office space realtor
4. office space for rent
5. office space for lease

These are known as the keywords for this particular search term (there will of course be many more). Webmasters and SEO experts use the keywords to ensure that they build their websites so that they can attract people from the search engines.

Why keyword translation?

We believe that the internet is going multilingual. Most big companies now translate websites into foreign languages but soon this will start to become the norm. This is to meet the demand of foreign language speaking internet users. Through researching keywords in foreign languages, those with multilingual websites can now ensure they are using the correct search terms to get French, Spanish, Italian or German speakers.

So using the example of office space again, if someone uses the keyword translation tool they will now find that the top 5 searches in French are:

1. amenagement espace bureau
2. espace bureau
3. restructuration espace bureau
4. espace bureau louer
5. restructuration espace bureau paris

A website owner will now know how to build their website pages in order to bring in queries by French users of search engines. Simple but effective!

We hope the tool will be of benefit to users. Visit the tool here > SEO Keyword Translation 

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