Google Searches by Language

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A futuristic looking search tool has been unveiled by online search engine Google. Google developers have designed the search tool to show how online searches are determined by the language that has been used by the user.
The results have been colour coded to show what is the most popular language used to search the internet by users all over the world. The results are really quite impressive; the 3D globe is very visually striking and is able to visually depict online search patterns by regions and language.
The search results are shown on a colourful 3D image that shows online language searches and so far it has proved that many search patterns come from Europe, America and other developed countries. The results are lit up on the globe in bright lights and 3D images which show very clearly which languages internet users use in order to make their online searches.
The interactive 3D globe was designed by Google in order to take advantage of new 3D tools and graphics on PCs and laptops and the unveiling of the tool shows just how far graphics have come.
Initial results that have explored the online search patterns and the language that internet users use, show that the those countries which have poor internet access and maybe not as much opportunity to use computers or even access to electricity are falling behind on internet usage.
Even though the 3D globe shows up some interesting and futuristic images it also highlights some concerns about international access to the internet.
In order to see the new tool that has been unveiled by Google you will need to have your internet browser enabled to receive fast 3D images and be using an online search engine such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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