Google Launch App Translation Services

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Google has released a new service for their app developers that enables them to have their mobile apps translated in every language you can imagine. From Mongolian to South-African, the possibilities are endless.

Last week, Mobile Editor at ReadWrite Dan Rowinski announced that Google made their app translation service available to Android developers.

This comes as no surprise, Rowinski says, as mobile apps, and the Android system for mobile phones, has a global presence.

According to Rowinski, the App Translation Service has been announced a little while back. The service uses human translators that can transcribe the apps that are sent to them from English into their mother tongue. This enables developers to reach a bigger audience than they previously did.

Google has stated that every day, 1.5 million people use a device which operates on the Android system.
Most of these, Rowinski says, is used by people do not use English as their first language.

:: This is why Google revealed that it will also release a number of localization services so that developers can professionally approach foreign markets.

The services will enable them to accept different currencies and payment methods, for example.

Rowinski does believe it should be mentioned that not every app for Android devices can be put on every foreign market and that in-app payments are also not always possible. As long as consumers can enter the Google Play Android app store, they have access to free apps, but developers can only launch paid apps in countries in which Google supports payment, Rowinski says.

However, he adds that companies should not worry about this too much, as Google accepts payment in most large countries. He does believe it is wise for developers to consult the list of countries Google supports before they start making translation plans.

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