Ecommerce: Etsy Targets Global Online Expansion through Website Translation

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Online Marketplace, Etsy, has recently introduced automated translations of their product listings on their websites. Now, Italian, Spanish, French and German speaking customers can view the products on offer in their own language.

Have you ever heard of Etsy? This website is a marketplace where people can sell their hand-crafted products. From Pokémon beanies to doughnut rings, the items on the website are often very creative.

However, most of the website’s listings used to be available in English only. Etsy recently changed this strategy.

On the website of WebProNews 9, Chris Crum announced that the local language listings on Etsy, which previously were only displayed in English, have now been translated in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

According to Crum, this is part of the international expansion plans of the website.


Etsy had been selling and shipping items to non-English speaking countries for quite some time. The shipping destinations included Spain, Russia and the Netherlands, to name a few. The website was already available in the languages to which shipping was available, but the abovementioned listings could only be viewed in English.

Crum believes this might have posed problems for non-English users that were looking for a specific item, which also implies a loss of income for the sellers and the website itself.

Now, Crum says, the company uses machine translation to translate all listings to Spanish, French, German, English and Italian. Moreover, Etsy is also making sure these listings are available in local language searches.

The result? According to Crum, a lot more potential customers will now be able to find what they are looking for. Etsy’s Brittany Williams agrees: she says the customers that were once put off by the fact that listings were only available in English might now successfully find their way to and on the website.

A number of Etsy sellers already translate their listings themselves, Williams says. She encourages these sellers to continue this practice, but believes that those who do not can benefit greatly from the new service.  Crum says the Etsy listings that are shown on Google Shopping, which is a great source of traffic for Etsy, will also display the translations.

According to Williams, the introduction of Google Product Listing Ads (GPLA) has been a great success as the number of people that visited Etsy has increased greatly.

After French and German, Etsy is now planning on launching this for Spanish and Italian as well in hopes of boosting sales for the holiday season.

Crum adds that Etsy will also introduce a translation tool that enables sellers to translate their communication with their customers, plus a map of the world and ship-to suggestions on their Shop Stats page.

The future is bright….the future is multilingual.

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