eBay Pushes Global Ecommerce through International Shipping Program

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eBay is hoping to push global trade and ecommerce through the expansion of their Global Shipping Program. Helping sellers ovecome logistical concerns in terms of sending out their goods, the online shopping website is hoping an easier system will encourage global growth; but sellers have yet to be convinced.

According to an article in eCommerce Bytes, the original e-commerce giant eBay is aiming for a growth in their global and cross-border trade. Due to this, the company is planning on further developing its Global Shipping Program (GSP). This program has been designed to provide more transparency for international buyers and will enable U.S. sellers to use Pitney Bowes to ship international orders, which makes their lives a whole lot easier.

In December last year, eBay’s GSP delivered to 18 different countries. In March, the company added 8 more: Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sweden and South Africa. However, their expansion did not stop there! Ebay is planning on further expanding the service to Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain this June.

Sellers are encouraged by eBay to participate in the programme and have been approached by the internet giant with cold calls and encounter pop-up messages on their website if they sell to countries abroad. Sellers that participate in the programme are protected from ship-time and ship-cost DSRs, but they are still susceptible to negative feedback that is given by buyers because of factors that the seller cannot control. Last month, eBay told eCommerce that they were working on a system that automatically removes this kind of feedback.

Recently, sellers have ventilated their opinion about the GSP. In a discussion on a Blog post by eCommerce, sellers showed their dissatisfaction with the program. One of them noted that she is not enrolled in the program because she believes the costs for international buyers are too high. “”It doesn’t matter what eBay (feedback) policies are,” the seller wrote. “If (buyers) think they are getting ripped off, they will blame the only person they are allowed to blame – the seller. Last I checked, buyers didn’t get a FB/DSR form for eBay.”

Another seller agreed: “As we can see, some buyers still leave a negative for shipping costs – even when they are clearly posted on a listing to see BEFORE they CHOOSE to buy the item. They can’t seem to figure out how to vote with their feet if they think shipping cost is high.” A number of other sellers pointed out the increase in international shipping costs as well.

It seems that eBay must first tackle a few issues including shipping costs before they can actually expand their cross-border sales. However, the move does illustrate an understanding that ecommerce is going global and eBay realise they have to crack the delivery issue in order to keep sellers on their platform.

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