Coca-Cola Multilingual Advertisement at Super Bowl Leads to Calls for Boycott

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Did you catch the blog yesterday about Coca-Cola’s ‘Be Inspired’ ad? Well the fizzy drink giants were at it again! A multilingual rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ in the ad Coca-Cola aired during the Superbowl seems to have sparked a patriotic sentiment (of sorts) in many Americans.

Sunday night’s Superbowl was quite the event! Not only did the Denver Broncos win the competition for the very first time, the ads that were aired before, during and after the event gave viewers a lot to talk about. And one ad led to the Twitter hashtag #BoycottCoke.

So what exactly did Cola-Cola do that prompted people to create this hashtag?

The hashtag was inspired by the brand’s commercial during the Superbowl, which featured the song ‘America the Beautiful.’ In the ad, this very pratriotic song is sang in English, but in a number of other languages as well.

And judging from Twitter, not all Americans were pleased with this new version.

To express their disapproval, Americans used words such as ‘unamerican‘ and ‘wrong‘ in their Tweets. One user even stated: ‘Couldn’t make out that song they were singing. I only speak English.’

It seems some of America was afronted by the idea of something “American” being dirtied through foreign languages.

A number of Twitter users should have checked their facts before they shared their thoughts online, as a number of people who used the hashtag believed ‘America the Beautiful’ was the national anthem! This caused them to be even more outraged, as they believed the Coca-Cola version ‘desecrated‘ a song that was written for America only.  One of the tweets read: ‘don’t you love how coke has turned our National Anthem into EVERYONE else’s? #BoycottCoke.’

#BoycottCoke became a trending topic just minutes after the advertisement aired.

Luckily there are always two sides to an argument and the popularity of the hashtag soon got other Americans tweeting with their rather more sensible opinions. Here are a few…

What do you think about the controversy?

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