Boost in Global Smartphone Sales means boost for Translation and Localization

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app_translation.jpgBlackberry, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3… what kind of smartphone do you have? There seems to be a phone out there for everyone, and if we continue buying at the rate we do there will be seriously positive consequences for the translation and localization industry.

A recent news piece notes that Deloitte expects over one billion smartphones will be sold in 2013. This will result in almost two billion smartphone users worldwide.

Hans Fenstermacher, CEO of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA): ‘As a result, global demand for translation and other localized content is growing exponentially as well.’

Fenstermacher says the want for language-related services is currently going through the roof. This growth can be explained by two main reasons.

1 – Firstly, more and more mobile applications are being developed.
2 – Secondly, as a result of this growth, the amount of mobile advertisement is increasing rapidly.

Fenstermacher believes that technology alone is not enough for marketers to create successful products: ‘They also need to reach local audiences in languages they understand.’

Technology research company Gartner has estimated that the amount of money spent on mobile advertising will climb up to 7.5 billion US dollars this year. This is a 1300 per cent growth compared to 2008, when ‘only’ 530.2 million US dollars was spend on this type of marketing. In addition, Gartner expects that projects regarding mobile applications will have a 4:1 ratio to PC projects in 2015.

‘Mobile usage trends point to significant, if not unprecedented, growth opportunities for the language sector,’ says Fenstermacher. ‘To be successful in a given country, smartphone applications, advertisements and other types of communication must look and sound like they’re coming from someone right next door, not from somewhere clear across the globe.’

Automated translations and software-based services have proven to be inadequate substitutes for human professionals who can  properly transfer the app’s content to another language because of their language know-how.

According to Fenstermacher, ‘Mobile telephony is all about giving you immediate and personalized access to the kinds of information you need and want. So is the translation and language services industry.’ Pair the two together and you have a team that simply cannot lose.

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