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London is an international melting pot of language and culture which has resulted in an increased demand for interpreters. As an interpreter, London is now an attractive city in which to work. It is now possible to find opportunities in a variety of exciting areas for interpreters to ply their trade.


It is estimated that over 300 languages are spoken in London. This would not come as a surprise to London residents as they witness daily the great diversity of nationalities and cultures that live and work in the city.


Interpreters with language skills are important in many areas such as the social services, health, education and in the courts. Areas such as government departments, the police, the NHS, lawyers and schools use interpreters on a daily basis.


However, it is for other reasons that London is now the city for interpreters. London is one of the major capitals of the world. With this status comes activity in the political, business and cultural spheres.


The visits of international politicians, political conferences and conventions all require interpreters to assist in overcoming the language barrier. London’s role in international trade and commerce ensure there is a constant stream of foreign business people visiting the city to form partnerships and conduct business. In the cultural sphere, international events such as London Fashion week or the London Film festival bring with it foreign guests and visitors. Interpreters are crucial in facilitating communication and ensuring such events run smoothly.


London is home to many international businesses. Many of these have offices in foreign countries with staff frequently visiting London. Some of these companies now employ their own in-house interpreters to assist them in inter-personnel communication. Recent research has shown that the UK has Europe’s highest concentration of call centres, many of which are multi-lingual. For example, the airline Delta, based in West London, handles 1.2 million calls a year in 10 different languages.


By way of conclusion, we can see that the truly international make-up of London is resulting in a greater demand for London-based interpreters. As an interpreter, it is the optimum time to try and establish oneself in London and become recognized as a professional, reliable and skilled interpreter.

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