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Learning Spanish is best achieved in the language’s cultural context, which is why thousands of students every year choose to study Spanish in Barcelona. University courses in this international, bicultural city are offered at a wide range of universities that place great emphasis on a quality education for today’s globalized world.

The University of Barcelona (also known as the UAB or Barcelona University) is one of the most prestigious and forward-looking educational institutions in Barcelona. Spanish courses at the UAB are available to students of all levels in standard, intensive and individual formats, and include week, month and semester-long programs.

Because of the prestige associated with these internationally recognized universities, many students consider them the best option for Spanish courses. Barcelona places great emphasis on promoting itself as a center for international studies, and much work has been done in the city to increase its appeal as such.

Thus, taking a language course in Barcelona represents a good choice for one’s education as well as for one’s future employment possibilities. Language courses in Barcelona are known and respected in international business circles, a world community that is very aware of the value of Spanish (Barcelona is arguably the world’s preferred destination for business-oriented Spanish courses).

There are also a wide range of Spanish language schools in Barcelona that offer comparable quality to that of a Spanish course in Spanish universities. Language courses at these smaller language schools often offer the advantage of increased flexibility and ease of registration.

As a city in which to have a study abroad experience, Barcelona is appealing to international students in many regards. Not only is it a large, cosmopolitan and stimulating city; it’s also graced with a coastline and numerous beautiful beaches (Madrid, in contrast, is a fantastic city but lacks this type of refreshing escape).

The historic center of the city is full of fascinating architecture and winding streets hiding charming restaurants and sidewalk cafés. Las Ramblas is one of the city’s most famous boardwalks; this wide pedestrian avenue is constantly alive with curious visitors, street performers and vendors of all types.

Nightlife is known to be excellent year-round, although it’s perhaps at its liveliest during the summer months. The city’s largest and most emblematic disco is Razzmatazz (formerly known as Sala Zeleste). Another interesting night spot is Dow Jones, a crowded bar where prices for drinks imitate the rise and fall of the stock market and can be tracked on overhead monitors.

Barcelona holds countless other sites of cultural and recreational interest, such as the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral and the huge and beautiful Parque Guell (both designed by the late architect Antoni Gaudi).

Getting around Barcelona is made easy by the city’s excellent and dependable public transportation system, which includes an extensive metro network that stays open until 2:00am on Friday’s and operates continuously on Saturdays. A leisurely walk through the city, however, is a pleasure that shouldn’t be overlooked. Wide streets lined with intriguing monuments and unique architecture (the hand of Gaudi is prevalent) make Barcelona one of the world’s most enjoyable cities by foot.

Lie Chan who works for Barcelona University, a website that offers Spanish courses at Barcelona University.

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