Multilingual songs teach kids foreign languages

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The launch of babyboomboom’s® multilingual musical CDs struck a chord with parents and parents-to-be at this year’s Baby Show in London. The CDs familiarise babies and toddlers with other languages by repeating well-known English language nursery rhymes and songs in a second language. Conceived two years ago, and launched after much careful development, babyboomboom proved to be one of the major hits of the show.

Parents buying babyboomboom have already reported that their young children love the CDs and are quickly learning to sing in other languages.

Father of two, Chris Low said: “My three year old daughter has been listening to the French for just the weekend and I am amazed at how much she has picked up.” Another parent said, “I talk to my two year old only in French and my husband speaks to her in English, but despite my best efforts, she has only been speaking in English. After a week of babyboomboom, I caught her sitting on the toilet singing babyboomboom songs in French. I was really impressed.”Read more>  babyboomboom

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