McDonalds tries British twang

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McDonald’s seems to be cashing in the current US fascination with us Brits and is bringing out a new burger that evokes the types of burgers that you will get in a good old fashioned British pub.
The United States were hit with Brit fever over the past couple of weeks as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on their tour of the US and Canada.
The successful fast-food giant is constantly trying out new menu ideas and this time round it is the English Pub Burger.
Interestingly it is not just the taste of the British pub that the fast-food company is trying to encapsulate with its new burger but also the language you will get down your local too!
The advertising campaign uses typically British language such as “gobsmacked”, “fancy” and “smashing”, all no doubt trying to bring a sense of Britishness to the occasion!
The opposite is being done in the UK and Ireland too with McDonalds advertising a range of sandwiches in their outlets that gives their British and Irish customers a taste for food from over the pond.
In the UK we will be able to sample typical US delights such as the Miami Melt, Chicago Supreme, Texas Grande, New York Classic and New Orleans Deluxe.
So it is working both ways across the Atlantic, over here though we are far more used to the use of Americanisms in our advertising, we have yet to see how the use of British language goes down stateside!

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