English only MBAs?

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If it is not taught in English, then it is not an MBA. At least that is the belief of George Yip, the dean of Rotterdam School of Management.

Yip raises his eyebrows at the suggestion that a number of European deans are poised to offer electives in their native language. “I would have thought teaching in English is a complete requirement,” he says.

Yip is right – up to a point. If he is to attract the best international students, teaching in Dutch would be a nonstarter. But there is another argument. Fluency in two or more languages offers globetrotting executives a competitive advantage.

Thierry Grange, the dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, says: “What about the 25 per cent of Americans who speak Spanish? If you want to improve your fluency as a Spanish-speaking American then Spain is a good place to do your MBA.”

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