Chinese soon to become world’s 2nd language

Chinese soon to become world’s 2nd language

The Steinke Institute in Bonn has developed a Language Index that extrapolates the gross national product for all the countries of the world to the year 2025, and converts this into a value relevant for their respective languages. The most significant results from the Steinke Language Index are as follows.

Even in 2025, English will still easily maintain its position as the Chinese soon to be second most important language for business most important foreign language, whose study is essential for career success. Chinese occupies the second place. The following places from three to ten are taken by Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Korean. Three of the Top 10 most important languages are thus from the Far East. Measured on growth of importance from today to 2025, the following languages are also making strong progress: Turkish, Hindi, Polish, Rumanian, Farsi, Thai and also Vietnamese.

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Katia Reed

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