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Many business brains are currently focussing on taking their products and brands to China in order to seek out the new business opportunities in the Chinese market, which is becoming more and more westernised and as a result is looking ripe for the taking for multi-national companies. Many global brands are looking upon the Chinese market as a blank canvas on which they can expand and grow.
However business experts are warning these very same businesses that are looking to expand onto Chinese soil that the same expansion can work the other way too. Many companies are not considering the risk to their business for when the onslaught of brands and businesses arrive on their soil from China. Many Chinese brands are looking to expand rapidly in the West and are hoping to capitalize on the complacent attitude of the Western businesses.
This is not a theory, this is already starting to happen as the Chinese are seizing the chance to stop being the production line for the rest of the world and start to push their own business up the food chain.
US brands such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut are all climbing over each other to grab the business in China but it also seems that Chinese food brands are also on the way over to the US.
This type of business migration is really healthy for commerce and trade and a good bout of healthy competition never hurt anyone! It seems though that global business leaders are going to have to watch their backs and spend a little time coming up with a strategy that will help to combat the influx of business coming over from China.

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