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Effective leadership styles in China is the subject of one of the four videos featuring professors from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai.

The others deal with marketing in China, talent management in China and dealing with business dilemmas in China. Accompanied by case studies and an interview with Jack Ma, founder and chief executive of, the recordings, which can be viewed on the Financial Times website, are accompanied by transcripts and recommendations for further reading.

Video 1: Professor Willem Burgers discusses marketing in China and how western multinationals can surprisingly learn much from Chinese companies’ innovative, counterintuitive and holistic approach to marketing in China.

Video 2: Professor Arthur Yeung discusses Talent Management in China and how the best employers – both Chinese companies and foreign multinationals – manage, recruit and retain people to win the talent war in China.

Video 3: Professor Henri-Claude de Bettignies discusses Cross Cultural Awareness and Dilemmas for Doing Business in China and looks at what expatriate managers can do to cope with the unique conflicts of interest they may face especially in China.

Video 4: Professor Juan Antonio Fernandez discusses Leadership for Success in China and shares insights from China-based CEOs on what leadership styles work well on the mainland.

Video 5: Jack Ma, founder and chief executive of, shares his perspectives with Arthur Yeung, Philips chair professor of human resource management at CEIBS, on:

* How to overcome the challenges of starting a business in China
* His personal philosophy on managing people and discovering their “entrepreneurial spirit”
* What companies seeking entry into China should do to succeed

See the videos at >> The FT 

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