WordPress adds XLIFF Interface

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The WordPress Multilingual Plugin has now included an XLIFF interface into its programming which is set to help the way in which the WordPress website translates into other languages and it is hoped to reduce the translation time for the WordPress websites by around 50%
XLIFF stands for XML Localisation on Interchangeable File Format. It allows the translation into other languages to take place by letting users use their favourite CAT tools within the WordPress sites. The inclusion of XLIFF means that translation services and translators can now increase their presence and output within WordPress.
Websites usually take a long time for translators to perform a complete translation on and it often involves a lot of painstaking cutting and pasting that wastes a lot of valuable time.
However, the new XLIFF plugin in WordPress means that this problem is solved at it allows translators to easily export jobs as XLIFF files and this means that they can get on with the translation without having to worry about formatting.
WordPress is responsible for 14% of the websites that are currently around at the moment and the rise in the number of websites that require full translation into other languages means that it is imperative that there is an easy to use platform like the XLIFF interface within WordPress to make the translations of websites a lot more user friendly and successful.
XLIFF is part of the WPML which is a WordPress plugin and is available to download at wpml.org.

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