Wearing Red triggers Female desire

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Forget chocolates and flowers, guys. If you want to make a big impression on the opposite sex, try adding red to your daily wardrobe. Lots of red.

The color apparently makes a man more attractive, more powerful and more sexually desirable to women, according to a study appearing in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. The research suggests that woman’s thoughts and feelings toward men are partly, primitive, a finding sure to open another chapter in the endless discussion of the perennial question `What do women want?’

Females were found to view men wearing red-colored clothing as being higher in status and more likely to earn a better living. And it was that very high-status judgment which triggered the attraction, according to according to the University of Rochester Psychologist Andrew Elliot, the lead author of the study, which included co-authors from Europe and China.

“I definitely think that there’s a learned component such that one learns red is the royal colour or a powerful colour or a colour tie that you pull out if you want to make an impression,” he said in an interview with CBSNews.com. “But that also begs the question where that came from and the cross-cultural aspects, where it’s found across cultures which otherwise have very little in common.”

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