Unusual Overseas Etiquette

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If you kiss in public, forget to flush the toilet or wear a mask you may be surprised to find yourself in hot water in some countries.

Here are 15 lesser-known acts that may breach the etiquette rules of some of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

1) St. Louis, Missouri, US
Propriety is important in any city and St Louis in no exception. But girls, don’t get caught out without proper clothes on in a fire – it is actually illegal for firemen to rescue women who are still in their nightdresses or other various underwear attire. Interestingly, it’s also illegal to sit on the curb of any city street and drink beer from a bucket – so no drunken tourist antics here, please.

2) The United Arab Emirates
As the two Britons who were convicted for having sex on the beach near their hotel in Dubai in 2008 will tell you, public nudity is a criminal offence in the UAE. It goes without saying, then, that if a kiss on the cheek can get you fined or imprisoned, having sex in public is an absolute no-no.

3) Denmark
This may sound crazy but it’s true – wearing a mask in Denmark could get you arrested. Best keep those Halloween costumes in your suitcases.

4) Scotland
Guys, if you are gripped by the desire to don traditional Scottish dress in the form of a kilt, there are a couple of things you need to remember. Whether you decide to wear underwear under your kilt or not is entirely up to you, and wearing nothing is actually completely acceptable. What you need to remember is not to tell people about what you’ve decided – or show it off – unless you are invited to!

5) Mexico
Aside from the great level of respect reserved for elders in Mexican society, there’s another important thing to know when travelling there, and it has to do with love. If you fall for a Mexican on your travels, it’s actually the man’s parents who ask the woman’s parents for permission for their children to marry and be accepted into the family. So really, the pressure’s off guys, and it’s up to your parents.

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