UAE-Wide Cultural Training?

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Taxis are often synonymous with the culture in which they operate; they are not always famed for their etiquette or awareness of culture. However, it seems though the UAE might be looking to streamline the way in which their taxi drivers are perceived both in Dubai and in the rest of the UAE. Dubai and the UAE are looking to impose new laws that will require drivers to undergo cultural training and etiquette lessons. They want to encourage their drivers to respect a culture even if it is not their own.
Taxi drivers may have to undergo cultural training in a hope that it will make them more aware of culture differences and of the professional etiquette that is expected of them. The move has come as a reaction to complaints to the Roads and Transport Authority in the UAE and Dubai. The RTA in the UAE and Dubai has said that the culture difference is becoming an issue and that cultural training is needed.
Until recently taxis in the UAE and Dubai were not regulated and the UAE is now trying to enforce permits that will only be issued once drivers have attended classes for professional etiquette and cultural training. In the Dubai and UAE culture there is a huge range of residents and a wide range of ideas to do with culture and personal etiquette. It is hoped though that the UAE and Dubai authorities can help by giving drivers a form of cultural training about respecting the culture of their passengers.
The UAE and Dubai are extreme examples of diversity in culture and how etiquette can differ from person to person and it seems as though the authorities have to go great lengths to fix the issue by issuing cultural training and etiquette permits.

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